hi. i'm melissa

At my job I work on proprietary internal banking apps and other things that I am contractually bound not to show you :|
So here's something completely different...

Personal Projects

Color Shuffle

Canvas color shuffle game that creates a gradient/grid and shuffles the colors. It's up to you to put them back in place.

Color Shuffle Code

Color Flood

Color flood style game that requires you to match the background of the page in order to move to the next level.

Color Flood Code

Poetry Cryptogram

React App that uses the PoetryDB API. Poems are encrypted for you to solve.

Public Domain Poetry Cryptograms Code

React Tarot

Responsive React App using the Rider Waite tarot deck. Shuffle the cards and read your fortune. Don't blame me if it's not what you want to hear...

Tarot App Code

Goodbye Christine

Waaaaaaay overengineered Typescript choose your own adventure text game that I made for my friend Christine when she left to find a new job. I thought maybe I'd use the code again to make more click through style games, but as of yet I have not... C'est la vie!

Goodbye Christine! Code P.S. Christine loves Justin Timberlake - in case you were wondering.

I'm Here!